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The Domaine's wines are produced according to a plot and single-varietal vinification method. The goal is to deliver wines that are as representative as possible of their terroir. This working method is at the origin of 15 different cuvées on the 2020 vintage bearing the Latin name of their respective village.


The vinifications are little interventionist and identical on each wine in order to make the comparisons of terroir relevant. No adjuvant, apart from homeopathic doses of sulphites, is used. They are neither glued nor filtered. The aging lasts 6 to 12 months for the whites and 12 months for the reds in oak barrels with an average proportion of 20% new barrels.

Among the choices imposed on the estate, that of prices was also guided by François' philosophy. Reserving the same care to each vine and each cuvée, we have decided not to agree to the “great wine” consensus and we believe that each one, with its characteristics, its differences, deserves as much interest as the others. Therefore, all our white wines on the one hand, and our reds on the other hand are valued at the same price.

You don't have to worry about it anymore. Taste and choose the one you prefer.

To find out about rates and availability or make an appointment for a visit and/or tasting, our contact details are available in the Contacts section.

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